The Happy Place

We were in a taverna in Iraklion on the island of Crete, Greece.  It was a mother-daughter trip of a lifetime, nineteen days to spend with my 23-year-old daughter, to catch up on her life while exploring together one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.

As we walked the cobbled streets I couldn’t help but flash back to the mother-daughter trip I took with my mother twenty-five years prior. “ When Mom and I were in Europe…” I often said and then apologized for the time travelling and returned to the present.

My daughter is beautiful and reminded me so much of my mother who had died five years ago.  When Mom and I travelled together, people thought we were sisters but my daughter and I were further apart in age, 28 years instead of 22, so this didn’t happen in Greece.  Until she asked the question.

It was an innocent question; one that she had no idea would open Pandora’s Box for me.  The introspection foisted upon me by her question and accepted by me because of my stubbornness inspired a system for emotional healing that was to change my life and become the subject of my first book.

Do you ever wonder why you wake feeling sad and don’t know why?  Do you ever wish you could remove the lenses of the past so you can see the present clearly?  There is an easy way to take back control of your life, to heal your past and march into that next taverna with your 28-years-younger daughter feeling so amazing that people believe you are sisters.  Yeah, that happened too.

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