Lori Gosselin

Community Facilitator  

Lori Gosselin is a pioneer in the field of authentic community building.  She has combined her passion for community, and her education – both formal and autodidactic – to develop a process for fostering a group’s evolution into a community.

In addition to thirty years of observation of group dynamics and two years of academic study to earn a Master of organizational management degree, this process evolved from three years of research that resulted in a comprehensive step-by-step guide: Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age.

Lori believes that through the building of communities we can make the world a less lonely place for the too many inhabitants who lack this basic human requirement for happiness, health and security.  She believes every home, classroom, social group and workplace can be a community.

In order to realize her mission to spread community consciousness around the globe, in 2019 Lori founded Kalliergo Consulting, a community of community-minded people to work together to build communities worldwide.

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She is also the author of another book, The Happy Place, and a blog about life and about community, lifeforinstance.com.