What started out as a simple project (to write a concise manual about how to build community) became a nearly-three-year project.

While it seemed like my sixth career (#1: Writing, #2: calligraphy, #3: essential oil marketing, #4: Terra Cotta Pendants, #5: Reiki energy work and now #6: writing) was actually my first career, as if the road had curved back and deposited me at the place where I started, it is, in fact, a seventh career that begins now. Dr. Andy Wainwright, mentor, poet, writer and McCulloch Professor Emeritus at Dalhousie University said to me many years ago, “You have to live life before you can write about it.” It was living my life that resulted in The Happy Place and in Sounding the Drum. But now I want to do more than write about it – I want to talk about it.

For me, little is more fun than talking about community building, unless it is actively doing community building, teaching about community building or helping someone who is community building. Unless it’s being in a community. That’s fun too!

In my interactive workshops, I don’t get up in front of a crowd with a power point presentation: I go into the crowd as they do the exercises. I tailor the workshops for the groups I conduct them with, guiding them deeper and deeper into community with one another. Following the workshops, I work with the leaders who have emerged to help them troubleshoot and address issues as they continue to guide their group into community.

As part of this continuing collaboration, I’ve created a Facebook Group as a gathering place to talk about community building. See more info about this here!