Welcome to lorigosselin.com, the place where all things writing and Lori Gosselin will be parked. Here is a little of my back-story.

It seems to always start with a question. My first book, The Happy Place had spiralled out of a question my daughter Natasha had innocently posed, and now she had asked a book-inspiring question again!

I was doing some research for my second book, or what I believed was my second book when she phoned. After we had caught up on her news, I shared what had happened earlier that day at my Hangout.

About the Hangout: I had started hosting Google+ Hangouts three years ago for the people who visited my blog, lifeforinstance.com. Every two weeks a small group of people joined me in a live video chat where we enjoyed meaningful and lively discussions about life. I moderated the discussion by directing the group through a set of questions that I prepared before each Hangout. From the start, I hoped this group would become a community, hope I held in every group I’d been a part of since I read Scott Peck’s The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace many years ago.

This day something had shifted. I shared the details with Natasha (I will share them with you in the book). Even though the people on the Hangout were from different parts of the world and even though none of us had ever met in person, this group was evolving into a community!

Natasha could hear the excitement in my voice. (People on the other side of the planet could hear the excitement in my voice.) That’s when she asked: “Do you have copies of the questions you use to spark discussion?” I said I did, and that was that.

Or so I thought.

A full ninety minutes had passed before I looked up from my research, struck by a thought; I should write a book about community building!

Writing this book would be easy, I thought. The title, something I struggled with for my first book, came quickly. I would build on Scott Peck’s work, bringing it forward into the digital age, and, by sounding my drum, echo his call to action. I would compose a concise manual that people could use to build community. How hard could it be?

I was to learn that what seemed simple was more complicated than I could have imagined. You know what community is, right? I thought I did, too. But I say to you, as I said to my Hangout group later in this story; “What if there’s more?”

There is more. That’s what the Hangout Group discovered in the months that followed. That’s what you’ll discover in the book.

It is available today! Read the backstory here or go to Amazon and pick up your copy in either Kindle format or print form here!