What is a Culture of Connection

and Why Should You Care?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

~Peter Drucker


Strategy is important!

But fostering a Culture of Connection, a community culture, is the most powerful and effective action a manager can take.

Culture is what gives an organization its competitive edge and there is no better culture than a community culture.

Lori’s Workshops leave no stones unturned.  They draw participants into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with one another and with the mission, values, goals, and vision of the organization.

Create a Culture of Connection in your organization and maximize your competitive advantage.


Creating a Culture of Connection

In her interactive workshops, Lori facilitates roundtable conversations that reveal the organizational culture, foster meaningful connections and provide tools for conflict resolution in organizations.

In addition to fostering a Culture of Connection, she addresses your specific organizational goals and empowers leaders in the organization to sustain the work begun at the workshop.

This ensures a happy, productive and collaborative, culture in the work environment going forward.




  • Workshops  
  • Weekly sessions 
  • Follow-up meetings  
  • Coaching
  • Consultations 


Contact Lori to begin to build a Culture of Connection in your organization today!

“Lori presented on community to our Professional Section Chapter. It opened our eyes to a deeper connection we may be missing in our Chapter that is possible with commitment to a process of community building with Lori’s help. Fantastic presenter. Lori’s enthusiasm for community building is palpable. The picture she paints in your mind is so real you can almost reach out and grab it, taste it and smell it. A pleasant escape.”

      Dr. Sarah J. Lord, PhD.
      Co-Chair, Diabetes Canada Professional Section- Southeast NB Chapter


“Your picture of what a community is like can be experienced with all senses as I experienced your presentation. You had my attention from beginning to end! It’s exciting to open my mind to the possibility of making community a reality in my life. It is like a hidden unknown gem that you bring so clearly to life in every way. Very intriguing talk that inspires me to learn, grow, and to be a community builder in my own life and to teach those around me how to do the same.”

      Tammy Saurette Wilson, RN, BN, CDE
      Co-Chair, Diabetes Canada Professional Section- Southeast NB Chapter