What is a Culture of Connection

and Why Should You Care?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

~Peter Drucker

Strategy is important – yes.

But fostering a Culture of Connection

is the most powerful, effective and prudent action a manager can make.

Culture is what gives an organization a competitive edge – or not.

How healthy and innovative is your culture?

Lori’s Workshops leave no stones unturned.

They draw participants into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with one another

and with the mission, values, goals, and vision of the organization

Create a Culture of Connection in your organization

and maximize your competitive advantage.


Creating a Culture of Connection

In her interactive workshops, Lori facilitates roundtable conversations

that reveal organizational culture, foster meaningful connections

and provide tools for conflict resolution in organizations.

In addition to fostering a Culture of Connection,

she addresses your specific organizational goals,

and empowers leaders in the organization to sustain the work begun at the workshop.

This ensures a happy, productive and collaborative, culture in the work environment

going forward.




Weekly sessions 

Follow-up meetings  





Contact Lori

to begin to build

a Culture of Connection in your organization