Who is Lori Gosselin?

Lori is not your typical writer (does such an entity exist?) To say her career path wasn’t straight is the worst sort of an understatement. Her story begins when she was nine years old.

She had a dream of becoming a writer and a fascination with mystery novels, so she decided to write one. She never finished the pencil-on-Hilroy-notebook masterpiece. But it was a start.

At eighteen, while a university student, she wrote, researched, and re-wrote a work of fiction wrapped around the subject of abortion. The book was finally finished but never published.

At the age of forty-three, now a wife and mother of two, she woke in the middle of the night with inspiration for a book she had never imagined writing, which obsesses her to this day.

At fifty-one-year she took a trip to Greece with her daughter and had an experience that resulted in a psychological theory for health and happiness. She wrote and published a book about it. This book also was something she never imagined writing. It jumped the line, moving in ahead of the Book of the Middle-of-the-Night Inspiration, that still obsesses her, and that she still intends to write.

Three years later, now a blogger passionate about community building and frustrated that so few people understood community, she decided to write a book to teach people about it and how to build it. After more than three years of research and writing, she will release the book in February of 2017. This book, too, jumped the line, moving in ahead of the Book of the Middle-of-the-Night Inspiration.

While she was writing and editing the community building book, on a Saturday morning in April of 2016, she surprised herself by transforming a life-long passion for parenting and psychology into a children’s picture book. This book will undoubtedly jump the line.

Lori Gosselin is an explorer of psychology and happiness who loves to be surprised by life, which, is a good thing because life continues to surprise her.

After both the community building book and the children’s picture book are published, she intends to write the Book of the Middle-of-the-Night Inspiration. Next, she hopes.

Unless, of course, something else jumps the line.